How it works

Karmency is 3D-printed currency designed to be passed around to thank people for random acts of kindness. On this site, you can look up your Karmency Coin to see its history, tell the world how you got it, or let us know why you passed it on. You can also download a 3D model of a new coin and print your own!

Look up a coin

You can look up a coin using the unique 4-digit
code printed on every coin.

View coin stats

View stats like number of coins printed by area or
coins with most transactions.

3D print coins

Download 3D models of new coins and print them yourself!


Coins minted







Our Team

The Karmency team – well, it's really just two of us – met in web immersion
class as the Flatiron School. After the program, our shared interest in 3D printing,
positive social experiments, and of course hacking led us to build Karmency.

Chad Ruble

Parker Lawrence